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What is Financial Coaching?Financial Coaching


Many people implement their approach to financial independence by seeking financial education that teaches you how to do something - how to buy and sell stocks, how to invest in real estate, or where to save money. This information is good to know, but it's not enough. This type of how-to instruction will not help people achieve financial freedom.

Teaching you how to build wealth by showing you how to buy stocks or real estate is like teaching someone struggling with weight related issues how to lose weight by showing them how to eat less and exercise more. But so what? Anybody who wants to lose weight already knows what they need to do, yet something’s keeping them from actually doing it.  

Similarly, everybody who wants to build wealth already knows they need to earn more, save more, and invest more wisely. It's no big secret. In fact, it’s painfully obvious. The problem is not in knowing what to do: the problem is in the implementation - actually doing it. That’s what will make or break your success.

Building WealthFinancial education and financial coaching bridges the gap between knowing what to do and actually doing it.

That's precisely why it works.

How Financial Coaching Is Different

You’re the cause and your money is an effect. It is absolutely impossible for you to make an external change to your financial picture without also making an internal change to your financial intelligence. For that reason financial coaching operates on both the internal and external levels simultaneously so that they are integrated into one cohesive, wealth-building blueprint.

How if Financial coaching DifferentThink of the external level as “how-to” instruction and the latest investment techniques. The external level includes everything outside of you like money, investments, and instructions on these topics. However, the internal level is different: it's all about how to process information, how to make decisions, and how to get into action. The internal level is all about you. The difference is like night and day.

Unfortunately, the internal process is ignored by most financial education even though it is critical to your financial success. The implied assumption is if you’re taught the latest investment techniques on how to become wealthy, then you’ll duplicate the success of your teacher and achieve the same results. This is erroneous thinking, it doesn't work that way.

The reason you know this is true is because libraries and the internet are filled with more business and investment how-to instruction than you could possibly implement in a lifetime - yet you’re still not rich, so it can't be from a lack of information, can it? Some people incorrectly conclude that they just need the "right" information, as if there’s a “lost” secret or a “missing piece of the puzzle” to be found. The truth is there are no secrets, none, nil… nada.

The missing ingredient that separates financial success from financial mediocrity is you - your internal decision processes. You’re not a computer where input X equals output Y.  Human beings don't work that way, yet almost all financial education is based on this flawed assumption, this flawed technology.

The experts sell you information, but what you truly need is transformation. They teach how-to information, but never provide the transformational tools necessary for you to act on that information and produce bona fide results. In short, they purposely forget or simply don’t know the essential ingredients needed to succeed.

How Financial Coaching Gets ResultsHow Financial Coaching Gets Results

Financial coaching is different because the focus is on you - not the instruction. Sure, we teach business and investment strategy as well, but that’s not what will make or break your success. How well you integrate and apply the instruction is the key to your success. That’s what makes financial coaching different.

When you move into action, obstacles will most certainly appear, and overcoming those obstacles is where all the learning and growth occurs. This crucial step is ignored by most wealth-building programs, yet it’s central to financial coaching.

In other words, financial coaching still teaches the essential principles behind the external game; including risk management, proper diversification, proven investment principles and techniques, and much more. However, what is unique about financial coaching is how it integrates and weaves that instruction into your internal game - your thinking and habitual practices, the same ones that have held you back from the success you equally desire and deserve.

The integration of both the internal and external game of wealth-building into a single, unified coaching model is what produces powerful results. When you add in some of the other benefits of coaching; including accountability, support and expert insight, you have a complete system that literally pulls you toward financial freedom and pushes you away from the scarcity mindset.

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