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Premier Wealth Advisors, Inc. Specializes In Helping YOU... The 60 And Better Senior
Build A Better Retirement Lifestyle.

What if everything you thought to be true about money turned out to be false?

Better Information = Better Decisions!

Wealth related concerns evolve with age making them more complex. We believe that every senior 60 and better deserves to learn how to take control of their financial well-being and be empowered to manage their own financial lives - for their entire life - with the help of a personal financial coach. Every senior deserves to finally know the truth about stock market investing and estate planning and asset protection because one wrong step in either can be devastating to a Retirement Lifestyle.  


The Dirty Filthy Lies My Broker Told Me!

Investor's Dilemma

Premier Wealth Advisors is a boutique wealth management, wealth preservation and estate planning firm focusing exclusively on seniors 60 and better to help build a retirement lifestyle with the ideal mix of a relationship fit for a cherished family member and highly experienced Financial Advisor/Coaches and dedicated staff to coach you on the different aspects of financial, insurance, real estate and estate planning issues. 


Are you speculating and gambling with your money
in your investment portfolio?

Is Your Investment Portfolio Diversified?


Premier Wealth Advisors provides you with a more engaged, educational experience, which helps to bridge the gap between the clutter of information and how it applies specifically to your needs, empowering you with the confidence necessary to make your most prudent investment and retirement lifestyle decisions.


The Portfolio MRI

20 Must Answer Questions For Your Journey
Toward Investing Peace of Mind

You'll love the attention you will receive, the prompt answers to any questions that you may have and our concierge level service we provide to you – our family – our client.
Welcome Introduction Video

Welcome Video:  Extended Version
Investment Philosophy with Jack Gelnak
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