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Our Philosophy

Our PhilosophyAt PWA, it is our belief that the key to successful senior-specific investment management, and the implementation of the Lifestyle Roadmap, is the consistent and disciplined deployment of a philosophy, a strategy if you will, that is based on Nobel Prize winning research. This philosophy has been tested over long periods of time, in a variety of market cycles, and in various market conditions. In executing our philosophy, we unite a number of factors that we’ve identified as being indicative of superior long-term investment performance. While the process is itself was born out of sophistication, our philosophy was not, our philosophy is simple and solely rests on the notion of absolute transparency.

Our Philosophy at PWAWhat is our philosophy, you ask?

In simple terms, it is Financial Coaching, ongoing financial educational coaching to be precise.

There is no hidden agenda, and even more critically, we don’t speculate or gamble with your money or your livelihood. We work with you to help you better understand the nature of the ever-changing, ever-evolving investment landscape.

Our PhilosophyTruth is, there just isn’t a best stock to buy, and there isn’t a best time to buy it. Even if there were, why would anyone in their right mind offer up such advice for a penny on the dollar? 

The key to our success is in providing a high quality financial coaching experience that results in satisfied, loyal clients.

Notwithstanding, we recognize that to realize the success that we envision, we must better understand our clients’ needs and improve upon our own ability to address them. As a result of the financial coaching process through our financial education workshops, as well as through frequent client contact, we are best able to meet the needs of our clients.

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